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Green Day

Republished from May 4, 2009 National Chassis Blog — I just wanted to take a moment and give the storagetanks.wordpress blog a personal thanks for recognizing us on their blog. You’ll should try an individual’s joy tragamonedas 777. They write, ” there are two companies I wanted to recognize for taking the initiative to become environmentally friendly.” To follow the rest of the story click here. This refers to the practices we set in place at National Chassis to eliminate our impact on our environment

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Road Check 2009

Today is day two of the 72 hour commercial vehicle check sponsored by the CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance). During this three day period all state DOT agents from the state trooper department are out in full force checking thousands of commercial vehicles for safety violations. If your vehicle is found out of compliance, the truck will be grounded where it sits until repairs are made. As we all know roadside work is much more costly than repairs performed at a local truck shop or

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A Little Humor

It isn’t too often we get the chance to laugh out right when dealing with trailers and transport. But we received a great “inquiry” through the website today and I just had to share. (This inquiry came in to our ISO tank container division.) —–Original Message—– From: Tad Pohl [] Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 8:49 AM Subject: Website Contact Form email: realname: Tad Pohl FirstName: Tad LastName: Pohl Company: Marine Attractions Incorporated Country: U.S.A. How_did_you_hear: RADIO Newsletter: No do not subscribe me to

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FMCSA Final Roadability Rule – Part 1

As most of you in the intermodal world already know, the FMSCA signed the new “Roadability Rule” (section 4118 of the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act) into law December 17, 2008. The final rule is scheduled to go into effect June 17, 2009.  I wanted to post the summary of this law on this entry and then go into detail on some issues that might concern my audience in Part 2. Please read the summary below: SUMMARY: FMCSA adopts regulations to implement section

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National Chassis First Quarter Newletter

To view this quarter’s newsletter, please click on the following link:

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Anxiously Awaiting Stimulus Results

Well this morning I heard that congress will pass the new stimulus bill as early as tomorrow. I am eager to read the letter of this bill, especially concerning small business incentives, such as accelerated depreciation. Last year these incentives included a special 50-percent depreciation allowance for 2008 purchases and an increase in the small business expensing limitation for tax years beginning in 2008, often referred to as “bonus depreciation.” What I hope to see is a renewal or increase of this law for 2009. This

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