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Tank Chassis and Why We Need Them

If you’re dealing with portable transport and storage of bulk liquids, then you’re probably using tank containers.  ISO tank containers are the same dimensions as a standard ISO ocean container, typically made of steel, used to haul hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, food grade products such as milk and juices, gases, and more.  A good site to visit for more information about the tank container is I’ve had several people approach me asking about the best way to transport these tank containers. Well here is

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FMCSA Final Roadability – Part 2

Before I begin to address some of the details in this legislation, I wanted to apologize for the long gap between post 1 and 2. For the first time in history the IEP’s (Intermodal Equipment Provider) including ocean carriers, railroads, chassis pool operators will be subject to the FMCSA roadability regulations. I’m going to address a few points that were of greater interest to me and give you some links for further exploration on your part. 1. Here is what the FMCSA states the IEP

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FMCSA Final Roadability Rule – Part 1

As most of you in the intermodal world already know, the FMSCA signed the new “Roadability Rule” (section 4118 of the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act) into law December 17, 2008. The final rule is scheduled to go into effect June 17, 2009.  I wanted to post the summary of this law on this entry and then go into detail on some issues that might concern my audience in Part 2. Please read the summary below: SUMMARY: FMCSA adopts regulations to implement section

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Anxiously Awaiting Stimulus Results

Well this morning I heard that congress will pass the new stimulus bill as early as tomorrow. I am eager to read the letter of this bill, especially concerning small business incentives, such as accelerated depreciation. Last year these incentives included a special 50-percent depreciation allowance for 2008 purchases and an increase in the small business expensing limitation for tax years beginning in 2008, often referred to as “bonus depreciation.” What I hope to see is a renewal or increase of this law for 2009. This

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