Save Time at the Port with a New ISO Container Chassis

ISO Container Chassis

September 7, 2017

Since the Port of Houston has reopened after Hurricane Harvey I’ve had many customers call to tell me about the lines and down time their drivers are experiencing waiting on iso container chassis to haul containers.

I’ve heard horror stories of drivers waiting over four hours for equipment that they aren’t even comfortable with using. Most of the time, it’s their only option and they are forced to use substandard chassis.

Driver downtime can be very costly and waiting in line for equipment day after day is extremely inefficient. At the end of the day that cost ultimately falls on drivers and trucking companies – and we haven’t even started talking about maintenance costs yet! Get more information regarding slot 777 gratis.

If you’re looking to decrease driver downtime and move more loads, one way to do that is to own your own chassis.  Owning your own chassis guarantees equipment functionality. You know who has pulled them, what condition they’re in, how they’ve been maintained, and what they can handle.  New chassis offer much more predictability in terms of equipment availability, as well as function and performance.

We know not everyone can, or will want to pay cash for a stack of chassis.  We have a number of partners that specialize in equipment financing and offer very competitive rates. You can read some information on our leases and lease-financing here.

Owning your own chassis fleet, even if you’re just getting started, decreases driver downtime at the port drastically, helps save capital through decreased maintenance costs, and ultimately increases your bottom line.

Stop wasting time and resources while waiting for a questionable piece of equipment at the port! Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help get you the chassis you need today.

View the specs for our ISO container chassis here.


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